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We help our clients build world-class engineering products and solutions in the embedded systems and education apps spaces.


Start-ups welcome

We work with early-stage start-ups to help them create their products end-to-end, from concept to ready-to-ship.


Thought leaders in Indian engineering

Invention Labs has been at the forefront of creating products for Indian needs at global quality. Our first product, Avaz, led us to feature on the prestigious MIT TR35 list of top innovators in the world, and is one of the world's leading speech generation products today.

Embedded systems

Embedded systems

Education apps

Education apps

Outsourced R&D

Outsourced R&D

Industrial Sensor

Case Study – Developing a new Industrial Sensor

A client in the manufacturing sector approached Invention Labs to create a new kind of sensor, to be designed with better accuracy and lower cost. The client's objective was to have better control over the sensor design than would be possible by buying out the sensor.

Invention Labs investigated several lines of thought, before finally deciding on one concept that borrowed on recent research from a completely different domain: consumer electronics. And Invention Labs helped the client ruggedize and productionize the system. The sensor is now a very valuable piece of intellectual property fully integrated into the client's product line.

The Problem:

To create a new kind of sensor for industrial equipment that's cheaper and more accurate.

The Solution:

Make use of recent advances in consumer electronics to find a cheap and accurate part that revolutionizes the design.

Client Testimonials:

The quality of innovation and engineering in Invention Labs’ work matches the quality we get from our best partners worldwide.